Financial and Retirement Planning

Financial and Retirement Planning

Do You Have a Financial Plan?

What Kind of Retirement Do You Want?

Retirement planning is not a one size fits all exercise. Nor is it a set it and forget it plan. A good retirement plan is dynamic. It changes as your life changes.

People who work with Leamnson Capital get honest answers to the tough retirement planning questions:

  1. Do I have enough to retire?

  2. Will my money last if I live a long life?

  3. How should I invest in retirement?

  4. How do I maximize Social Security?

  5. How do I maximize income and minimize taxes on my retirement income?

How these questions are answered helps form the basis for recommendations on planning the type of secure retirement you desire.

Our planning process starts with the discovery meeting. This conversation helps uncover the "why" that forms the basis of our planning. If we build your plan around the things that are most important to you, we know it will be much easier to implement.