How much should you save to ensure a comfortable retirement? The answer should be customized for each individual, based on how their income grows prior to retirement. Learn more in this short video.


Do you know how much retirement income you need? Often, it depends on how much you were making just prior to retiring. Find out what it takes to maintain a pre-retirement lifestyle, calculate an income replacement rate. This short video offers some ways to think about how to calculate this number.


Can investors predict when to buy and sell securities? Jim Davis, Ph.D. runs more than 780 tests on data from 15 stock markets to test this theory. Find out what the evidence says in this short video.


Curious about how markets work? This video explains how security prices are set and how they change based on the collective knowledge of buyers and sellers. Armed with this information, investors will better understand how and why markets work.


Global diversification is the closest thing to a free lunch when it comes to investing. However, sometimes, it doesn't taste so good. If you have international investments in your portfolio, you have likely been concerned at their recent underperformance. In this short video, David Booth discusses the role of international diversification and introduces compelling evidence it should continue to be a part of your portfolio.