Fred Leamnson

Fred Leamnson
Founder & President

Founding Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC in 2011 represented the realization of an increasingly compelling vision I’d formed while serving in the retail brokerage industry for more than 20 years. I had seen much during those years and determined there was much room for improvement. My vision drove me to implement what I knew to be true: that there was a better way to help investors think about and make smart, confident decisions about their money. To elaborate, I learned many valuable lessons during my time in the brokerage industry. Among them:

  1. Brokerage firm representatives may go by the name “adviser,” but in reality, they must often choose between advising their clients and enriching their firms. It is difficult, if not impossible, to serve two masters in this manner.
  2. Cozy, compensation-based relationships between many of the product providers and the brokers recommending them result in conflicts of interest that can muddy the waters of your best financial interests.
  3. The pressure to meet production requirements can further push brokerage firm representatives to direct clients into products with the highest commission to the broker, whether or not they are in the client’s best interests.

The Leamnson Capital Approach

My desire to move away from these types of industry conflicts was why I intentionally founded Leamnson Capital according to a different, better, way of championing my clients’ highest financial interests. By operating as a fee-only, Registered Investment Advisor firm, my sole sources of compensation and business are the fees my clients pay me in exchange for the best interest advice I provide. This enables and requires me to serve in a fiduciary relationship with my clients, so I can best focus on always doing what’s right for them.

A Fiduciary by Design

The Center for Fiduciary Studies defines a fiduciary as follows: * An Investment Fiduciary is someone who manages the assets of another person and stands in a special relationship of trust, confidence, and/or legal responsibility. By adhering to the Fiduciary Standard of Care, our mission is to operate according to the following core standards:

  1. To ALWAYS act in the best interests of the client.
  2. To ALWAYS resolve any conflicts or appearances of conflicts to the advantage of the client.
  3. To ALWAYS abide by a strict Code of Ethics from the Center for Fiduciary Studies and used by all Accredited Investment Fiduciaries.
  4. To FULLY and CLEARLY disclose how we are compensated.


I live in Reston, VA with Cathy, my wife of 32 years and our two Akita's, Titus and Kaylee. On weekends, we enjoy spending time with our pups, taking them for walks on the Reston trails. We both enjoy bicycling. yoga, and regular workouts at the gym. We also enjoy visiting the many beautiful Virginia wineries — doing our small part to support the growing Virginia wine industry.

I would love to hear from you. If you have any questions at all or if it makes sense for us to talk, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly using the information below. Fred Leamnson: Phone: (703) 766-6327 Email: Address: 1900 Campus Commons Dr, Suite 100, Reston, VA 20191